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3mm Antique Tibetan Silver Filigree Tubes - 10 Pieces

3mm Antique Tibetan Silver Filigree Tubes - 10 Pieces

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High Gloss High Shine Loc Tubes

Adorned with a carved flower design, these beads are uniform in color, high in gloss and high in workmanship

Material: Tibetan Silver
Color: Silver
Size: 5x3.5mm with a 3mm Hole

For Small Microlocs and Sisterlocks

Care:  We recommend that you do not submerge in any liquids for long periods of time and to dry them immediately after exposing them to any liquids to prevent them from tarnishing

How To Use:  Use the installation tool (not included) to feed the loc bead onto your locs/braids.  See application video here:

Installation tool not included


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